About Me

Mr. Mukesh Kumar is a highly accomplished International Speaker, Acclaimed Yoga Master, Therapist, Teacher, Healer, and Columnist. He has been awarded with “Yog Ratan” achievement and honored by The Namo Gange Trust for his remarkable contribution in the field of Health, education, environment and culture. He is a multi-faceted personality, and an expert in the field of Therapeutic Yoga, philosophy and Culture. The primary focus of his teaching is to apply a holistic approach to heal the clients through a combination of therapeutic Yoga, diverse meditation & relaxation techniques followed by motivational talks. He has represented India in various national and international conferences and seminars and talked on Yoga, Indian culture and Indian system of philosophies. He has imparted several thousands of people of diverse sections of the society through Yoga teaching, training and therapy.

His journey started in 1997 as Yoga Lecturer cum Yoga Therapist with JSS Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Science, Ooty, The Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai. Later, he served for several Governmental and Non-Governmental organisations in India and abroad. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India assigned him several times as yoga educator in the Indian Embassies. He is an expertise of Indian traditional Yoga where all the yoga forms and styles are initiated. He has conducted several cultural events, yoga workshops, corporate session, consultation and question answer sessions to the public and academic Institutions in India and abroad. His Yoga sessions are very unique in practice and consist of ancient and modern yoga traditions. Some of TV channels, newspapers and fortnightlies have broadcasted and published his yoga programs, interviews and articles in India and abroad. He has been successful to provide Yoga retreats in some of countries like India, Egypt, South Korea, UAE, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Mr. Kumar also assigned as HOD of Yoga in “Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bangalore” to execute and supervise various yoga activities. Presently he is working for a NGO ‘Namo Gange Trust’ as senior advisor and project head for The Yogshala PAN India to promote health and wellness through Yoga and Vedic culture. He love to offer a wide range of yoga retreats to help man, women and children all across the globe. He is actively involved in conducting cultural activities and health awareness programs through talks shows, speeches, lectures, yoga camps, workshops, stress management programs and question answer sessions to students, diplomats’ corporates, entrepreneurs and politicians.

He believes that most of the diseases are directly or indirectly linked with the undisciplined lifestyle and wrong food habits. Therefore, yoga comes here to restore proper health through drugless and holistic approach. He promotes yoga as a complete science of life and an ideal way of living which touches the life of man at each and every level. Physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga help to make one’s life purposeful, useful and noble by providing total health, peace, and wisdom. Yoga has incredible capabilities to restore health, peace and harmony among the people of diverse sections of the society.